What Does Your Favourite Flower Say About Your Personality?

Jan 13, 2021

When it comes to receiving flowers or decorating your home with fresh flowers, some people prefer the classic rose, while others prefer sunflowers or daises. We all have a type of flower that we are more attracted to, but have you ever thought that they might reflect your personality?

In fact, the Victorians invented a language of flowers called floriography, where flowers could be used to convey messages. There were books dedicated to the meaning of flowers, with a description of every bloom. Read on and learn what some of your favourite popular flowers say about your personality!

Red rose
This classic flower is commonly used on many occasions. It often represents romance, love, and tradition. If this flower was the first one that popped into your mind, you are passionate, romantic, and incredibly dedicated to everything you do. If you prefer other coloured roses, they also have several different meanings. For example, white often symbolises purity, while purple means enchantment and mystery.

Exotic and mysterious, orchids are a symbol of luxury, elegance, beauty, and strength. They are often a stand-alone flower that is perfect for home décor or as a gift. If orchids are your favourite flower, you are both sophisticated and mysterious. You may not be the loudest or most attention-snatching in the room, but there are always people who are still drawn to you. People often view orchid lovers as knowledgeable and attractive.

It’s no secret why everyone loves you. Tulip lovers are often known for being sweet, sensitive, and thoughtful. This beautiful flower is known for its bright and vibrant colours and can be used for so many occasions. If tulips are your go-to flowers, there’s a good chance that you’re incredibly positive, laidback, and have a ton of close friends!

Daisies are one of the most cheerful flowers, and those who select them as their favourite flower are undoubtedly the same. It’s the perfect flower to brighten anyone’s day and make them smile. Daisy lovers are also a true optimist and love to make others laugh and smile. Friends are important to you, and you’re always the life of the party!

If you have chosen the sunflower, you are definitely a vibrant and cheerful person. Just like daisies, sunflowers can brighten up any day or any occasion. They’re perfect as home décor or as a gift to cheer someone up, as their bright yellow colour makes people feel welcomed and loved. Sunflower lovers are known for being friendly and optimistic, and can make friends everywhere they go.

You love to take care of people and have an incredibly nurturing soul. Helping and supporting others make you happy and this shows that you are kind and giving. This flower choice is often associated with those who are well regarded by others and always take pride in their work. Lily lovers are hard workers, and they are not afraid to be proud of their accomplishments.

It is interesting to learn about the relation between your favourite flower and your personality. Whether you’re a fan of the rose or sunflower, flowers are always a great way to express yourself. If you are looking for a florist in Singapore to get a gift for somebody or your own home, Nicole’s Flower can help you with that! We have many beautiful fresh flower arrangements that will surely impress. Check us out!

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