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What Makes A Perfect Wedding Bouquet?

A bridal flower bouquet in Singapore is that one accessory that will be with you, the bride, all day long. It’s going to be in every photo taken of you, whether you like it or not. This is why it has to be perfect. But, how?

How exactly do you go about creating a “perfect bouquet”? Does such a thing even exist?

Below are some factors and aspects that you should think of when choosing a wedding flower bouquet:

1.    Your Taste and Personality

A wedding bouquet shouldn’t just be what the florist thinks is best for you. It should be a reflection of you as a person.

This means that there’s no right or wrong choice. You can go for whatever you like or at least, what your budget can afford. But, of course, always listen to what your florist thinks. After all, they are the experts. Just make sure that you choose an option that hits the three bullet point in your checklist, a representation of yourself, a beautiful flower bouquet that matches your outfit and wedding theme and last but not least, is ideally within your allocated budget.

2.    Your Wedding Dress

As someone who might know very little about fresh flower arrangements, it might be very technical and somewhat hard for you to understand which is the suitable flower bouquet that will suit your dress.

When choosing the style for your wedding flower bouquet, choose one that matches perfectly with your figure, and more importantly, the design of your wedding dress. While there are no particular set of rules for this, something that all florists follow is that they make sure that the bouquet doesn’t overpower your overall look, but at the same time, doesn’t just simply blend in too much with the background.

3.    Your Wedding Theme

Of course, you shouldn’t forget to consider the theme of your wedding either.

If nothing else, your wedding theme would make it easier for you to choose the stems and blossoms that you would choose for your bouquet. After all, you’d want your wedding to be as cohesive as it can be. The flowers in your bouquet, in particular, shouldn’t just stand out for no particular reason.

Also, speaking of the wedding theme, don’t just choose the flowers based on how they look alone. You’d be surprised just how differently “plain-looking” flowers can look when arranged properly by an expert.

4.    Your Florist

Don’t make the hours you spent collecting flower bouquet styles think that you’re already an expert on flower arrangements. Because at the end of the day, the flower bouquet that you have chosen for your wedding can make or break your entire look.

So, you should always remember to seek your florist’s opinion and advice.

Having said that, when you have a particular idea in mind, that doesn’t mean that the florist can just execute it just like that. There are many factors that need to be considered. For example, are the flowers in season? If not, does your budget allow for the florist to import the stems and blossoms that you need? Lastly, do remember that not all florists are the same, and it doesn’t mean that because one florist pulled off a particular style, your florist can imitate it just like that.

So, before anything else, make sure that you choose to work with a florist that can deliver exactly what you want, and more importantly, do listen to your florist – they are the experts.

Many bridal flower bouquets will surely appeal to you, but picking one that will suit your entire look is definitely not an easy feat. So, make sure that you take note of these points in the future when you pick out the ideal flower bouquet for your wedding!