Why Fresh Flowers Blooms Are Better Than Artificial Ones

Aug 16, 2019

If you are planning to get married soon, you are most likely pondering on a bunch of aspects to organize the best wedding. One essential detail that you have to consider in terms of decorations are the flower arrangements. Not forgetting the wedding bouquet. Luckily, in Singapore, there are plenty of options when it comes to wedding flowers. However, not all of them are as impressive as you want them to be for your big event. To ensure that your guests are not disappointed, you should opt for natural and fresh flowers.

Why fresh flowers?

First of all, in comparison with artificial flowers, fresh flowers have a pleasant scent. They look much better and will resist for a long time if you know how to maintain them. You can also request for your flowers to be delivered to your desired destination.

Many people go for plastic or artificial flowers because they have the impression that they are a lot easier to look after. But the truth is this minor advantage comes with a lot of disadvantages. Artificial flowers will not look as good as natural flowers either, and they will not feel as good. Plastic is a material that has nothing to do with the delicacy and the smoothness of the real flowers. And you will be able to notice the difference even in the pictures that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Another bonus point about fresh flower arrangements is combining them with handmade candles. Handmade candles will match the perfume of the flowers if you choose to have them scented as well. You can go for soy candles too if you prefer these types of candles, like many other people nowadays. So, you should use your imagination and creativity when you try to combine your wedding flowers with other decorative motives present at the event. Plastic flowers would be more limited to this type of arrangement, and you will not be able to enjoy them as much as you would with natural flowers.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to go for roses if you are not sure what flowers to choose. You can always decide to have season flowers which tend to be the most appreciated as well in Singapore. A specialist in flower arrangements will give you the best advice in the matter of what strains to go for. They will also let you know how to incorporate your natural flowers easier into your wedding theme. And if you are concerned about remaining fresh, you should know that all you need to do is place them in water. This will make your flowers last for more days so not just for your wedding event. Bonus: many florists also offer the option of flower delivery in Singapore!

If you can choose natural flowers over artificial ones, you should always do that and even more so if you make this decision for your own wedding. They will add a lot more beauty and personality to your event, and you will have amazing memories to keep for a lifetime.

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