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Singapore Soy Candles

Why Soy Candles Make The Final Touches In Your Wedding

Think wedding decorations. The first thing that has probably crossed your mind is securing the perfect floral arrangement to create a lovely backdrop or centrepiece. But what about candles? Have you considered setting the mood with the most elaborate and breathtaking candles?

Whether you’re going for a rustic, glamorous or fairytale wedding theme, you can choose from an array of candle scents to match any celebration. Say goodbye to over-the-top perfume scents; spice up the room more naturally with scented candles instead! But the inclusion of candles doesn’t mean you have to cut out your dream floral centrepiece. Here’s why soy candles, in particular, make the best wedding decoration and what to consider when pairing them with your floral displays!

Why choosing soy candles is a sophisticated and smart choice

1. Makes a green wedding choice

With a rise in demand for eco-friendly wedding events, including soy candles in your celebration is the right way to go! Made from soybeans, soy candles are your biodegradable alternatives to lighting up a room. Especially if you’re planning an indoor wedding reception, why not turn down the lights and lit the room more naturally?

2. Steer away from a messy look

The great part about soybeans is that they are water-soluble. That makes your soy candles also water-soluble – any mess from wax spills will be easily clean to maintain that clean look at your wedding. This also ties in with your eco-friendly theme: you’d be minimising your wedding waste with soy candles!

3. Burns cleaner for your guests

Although traditional wax candles might also do the trick in providing scents, most wax candles contain toxic ingredients that are released when burnt. Whereas scented soy candles, they burn cleaner with natural soybeans as the main ingredient. Without the production of any toxins, rest assured that these cleaner soy candles won’t trigger any allergies in your guests!

4. Longer-lasting decorations

Worried that you’ll need to keep replacing your candles? Here’s why soy candles should be your go-to wedding candles: they burn at a slower rate than traditional wax candles. That’s because soy candles burn at a lower temperature and so burns at a slower rate. You’ll be able to enjoy your soy candles for up to twice the amount of time as compared to traditional candles.

How to pair your soy candles with your wedding flowers

When you’re pairing these lovely wedding decorations together, remember that both carry natural and fragrant scents! You wouldn’t want the scents to clash – consider choosing just one or a maximum of two fragrances for a more unified scent. For instance, if you’re looking at including sunflowers in your centrepiece or bridesmaid bouquets, it’s best to couple them with sunflower-scented soy candles.


When you’re using soy candles, one tip to enhance your burning experience is to trim the candle wick to about 1-cm before you light it. And don’t forget to place heat-resistant surfaces below your wedding candles!

Looking for the most gorgeous and green Singapore soy candles to light up your wedding celebration? Check out the wonderfully handmade soy candles here at Nicole’s Flower. With cotton wicks that do not have lead or zinc, our soy candles are specially crafted to be your preferred aromatic and eco-friendly choice.